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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Booking With Agoda App || Hotel Discounts, Cheap Rooms, && More

Note: This is an updated blog post.

This morning, I decided to celebrate the upcoming Christmas in a cheap hotel in Manila. My parents and sister will leave for New Zealand and I'll be left with no one but my little prince. So for a change, I wanna spend it away from home and since my travelling is limited, I opt for a hotel near the area. Probably, some cheap hotel in Makati

First, I checked Shopback because the site has a wide selection of merchants - from fashion to food to travel - this cashback reward program has it all. I like buying and booking using this site because of the fact that I'm not only spending, but I am saving as well.

After a few browse, I saw Agoda. For the benefit of the doubt, Agoda is a website that offers over thousands of cheap hotels, hotel discounts, cheap rooms, and more. This site is perfect for those who love to travel, staycation, and more.

Because who doesn't love discounts?

The discounts are very inviting!

But wait, there's more...

I found a tiny note on the right (I just failed to have a screenshot of it) stating that I could get another discount if I use their app. So from my App Store, I downloaded Agoda. Signed in. Book for a cheap hotel room. Use my ePREPAID (from BPI) for paying. Received a confirmation. Then,it's done. Within minutes and a few clicks, I now have a hotel for myself this coming Christmas.

The user interface is easy and accessible and I don't have any troubles using it. Even for those who have little to no knowledge about the app can use it within seconds. And oh, the app lets me pay on the 15th of December because of their 'Pay Later' feature. How amazing is that?

So, for the quick tour of the app, here are some screenshots:

Browsed for a hotel located in Manila by typing in the
"Where do you want to go?" box.
Select your "Check in" and "Check-out" dates, number of guests and click "Search"
After few seconds, hotels were displayed in the app. 

Once you've chosen your hotel, you will see a 
Google Map on it so it's easier for you to know
the location of the hotel.

Click on the hotel you want to stay in and book the room you want. 
Your credit card details will be asked and some hotels give you the option
to "Pay Now" or Later. 

Using BPI's ePREPAID for booking 
because I don't have any credit card yet. 


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