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Monday, January 1, 2018

Real Kill Black: Why This Korean Product Is The New Holy Grail [Updated]

[Updated Post]

Currently, I'm on my third tub of RA & Gowoori Real Kill Black Horse Oil Cream and this article will show why I've put my trust on it for too long. I think I've known this product since August and although I've failed to use it consistently -- since I'm trying other products as well -- I still find myself longing and going back to this awesome Korean product. It's kind of expensive but at least, it's worth every cent so without further ado, let's get started.

Introducing Real Kill Black

Without a doubt, Korean products are a hit nowadays. Aside from their oh-so-fashionable get ups and adorable K-stars, their skin care regimen has proven a lot in just a few years. But honestly, I haven't tried any of those (since I cared for my skin only this year) until I joined a Facebook Page dedicated to Korean beauty cosmetics. As a freelance writer and a slay-at-home mom (yep, you got that right!), I barely sleep. Most of the time, I am wide awake especially during the night since it's the only free time that I have. Work, stress, and lifestyle have definitely ruined my skin and not to mention the fact that I'm not using any products on my face and body aside from the regular soap. That's when I decided to do a research on how to take care of the skin and probably, what pushed me to build this blog site.

The first ever Korea product I've tried is the RA & Gowoori Real Kill 9.9 Horse Oil Cream. I decided to give it a try since it has received a plethora of positive feedback and if you try browsing online, you'll see a handful of reviews (positive ones!) from this skin care.

(Got this from my Nanay Angel, ChefRon, and she's too sweet to give me freebies)

Where Horse Oil Came From

Here's a quick heads up about the product:

Horse oil is one of the treatments that has existed for ages, specifically in China. Long ago, it has been used as a "folk medicine" to treat insect bites, burns, asthma, cuts, hair loss, and fungus. The "miracle oil" works almost the same as the skin's sebum, therefore, it's easily absorbed by the skin. It is not only effective but considered as a safe product even for infants. The oil is immensely popular in Hokkaido as a moisturizing agent primarily because it is beneficial for a country that has an extremely cold weather. With that being said, horse oil, indeed, is a potent product but where did it come from.

If you're expecting that it is accumulated from a dead horse, then, you're correct, unfortunately. But the animal is not slaughtered for this purpose alone; rather, it is killed for food as well. (I know that doesn't make you feel any better, but, that's how it goes).

More Facts About Horse Oil

Some of its major claims involves treating some of the worst skin problems such as wrinkles and discoloration. Before becoming a holy grail, it was used to cure rheumatism, chapped lips, dry skin, joint pains, insect bites, and more.

Soon after, it has become a component of several beauty products including moisturizers, shampoos, lipsticks, etc.  If you're not convinced about its efficiency or is wondering about how it will help you with your skin problems, here are some of the numerous benefits that you should consider:


A multi-purpose, highly-efficient product. It can be used on your face, elbows, knees, and any parts of the body.


As a natural moisturizer, it is used to heal dry skin. Further, the moisture tends to stay longer in the skin than other animal-based oils and cream.


Working as a human sebum, horse oil is easily absorbent to human skin.

The Verdict

Here's a quick recap about Real Kill Black when I first used it:

It has only been a week since I started using Ra&Gowoori Real Kill 9.9 Horse Oil Cream. The reason? Well, aside from promising myself about having the right skin care, my face was occupied by zillions of unwanted visitors. Seems like my sleepless nights and stressful days have paid off ... and here I am, looking haggard as heck. Acne has become a big issue apart from the dark spots on my face.

You can buy your own tub here.

Prior to applying the RA & Gowoori Real Kill 9.9 Horse Oil Cream, I religiously was my face using Cetaphil cleanser. I will then apply the cream directly on my face and massage it for a few seconds. I also applied the product on other areas I have problems with such as my elbow, knees, underarms, and tummy.

The product is light; it can be used before makeup. My face appeared a little oily though but after absorption, I like how dewy it looks like -- just like how most of the Korean actresses' faces look like. It has a faint smell that I like a lot.

After a few days, here's how it looks like.

I believe most of my acne are gone as well as some of the dark spots. It also moisturized my skin pretty well. However, it becomes too oily at some point but since I 'm staying home most of the time, I have no problems with it.


I stopped using RKB on my face. I've been warned though; some people will get used to it while other's won't. Sadly, it seems like my skin is not compatible with the products. It did get rid of marks and pimples; however, there are tiny zits popping out. Some people advised me to stop using the product for about a week then use it again. If no problem persists, then I can include it in my ritual; otherwise, I would have to stop it. But, after using it again, the same thing happens so I decided to exclude it eventually. However, it worked like a miracle on my stretchmarks and underarms.

Whiten Dark Underarms

I can't say that my UA is as bright as the heaven but it did improve a lot. Even before I got pregnant, I wasn't confident showing off this part. It's kind of dark (like my thoughts BWAHAHA) and it became worse after birth. Luckily, the goddess above sent me this.

The chicken-skin seems to disappear and it keeps my pits from bad odors. I even ditched my deodorant because it works well in keeping my armpit smelling good all day. And the best part -- it lighten up a bit. Too bad my other phone was broken. I have no extra copy of the "before photo" but as of now, this is how it looks like.

I may not get the "Best Kilikili Award" but at least, it got a little lighter. I will, definitely, continue using it.

Lighten Stretchmarks

Most moms would probably worry about their stretchmarks, like me, so I've tried a couple of products but for me, RKB is the only one that worked so far. Before, I used to have dark stretchmarks and even if it's more than a year, it's pretty visible. After using RKB, it did lighten up a bit and although it's still there, I can say that it has made a major improvement.

This is how it looks like:

I am very happy with the results that's why even if it sounds a little expensive (it's worth P450 - P470), I see to it that I have a tub of it all the time. Too bad it's always out-of-stock though.


Real Kill Black is one of the hottest skin care products nowadays and I've tried it myself. But, will I recommend this product to other ladies, specifically moms like me? The answer is YES! Definitely. It's a big YES. However, if you're pregnant or lactating, please use it with your own discretion. Although some studies suggest that only a little of it enters your blood stream, it's still best to consult your health professional first. Nevertheless, it's a good -- I mean great product and it's really worth a try!

Feel free to watch my short vid:

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Have you tried other horse oil product? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!


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    1. Hi there. As for me, yes po. Actually, beefore ko po itry to, I found a lot of good reviews na about this. :)

  2. Day and night po pwde syang gamitin?

    1. Hi, yes po. You can use it day and night. Be sure to top it with a powder though (pag morning) kasi mejo oily po. :)

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    1. Yes po sis, BF mom here! Pero use it with your own discretion pa din and it's best to consult your OB first. :)

  4. Ate pwede po kaya yan makaputi ng siko?