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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What Really Matters: Natural Makeup? Less Make Up? Or Full Makeup?

As a self-taught makeup artist -- well still an aspiring makeup artist to be exact -- love the idea of being able to express one's self through a series of palettes. I believe one doesn't need to be perfect when applying makeup, instead, it needs a heart to create one alluring outcome.

As a mom, I find putting makeup as my quick escape from the everyday stressful life. In times when I find myself writing too much, putting different hues on my face allows me to unwind for a little time. Yes, I enjoy putting makeup a lot and although I believe that being beautiful means being natural, I don't see anything wrong with such enhancements. It's a gateway to another world; a way to create an alter ego.

Some people say that it's wrong to put too much lipstick or there's no need to put an eye shadow since the natural beauty is what really matters. Being able to express one's self also matters and I am happy to those who are passionate about helping themselves and everyone else improve their appearance through makeup. Let's accept it; the world is full of judgmental eyes and being beautiful means being fair or long-haired or tall. But how about the other people? Do they not have the right to become beautiful in their own way? What if they gather the confidence they need through the application of cosmetics? Do we have the right to tell them to stop and be contented with what they have?

The thing is, it all doesn't matter. Whether you like to go au natural or you want to doll your self with so much makeup, you are still beautiful. As long as you are not stepping on anyone, do whatever you want. Stop thinking about what they like -- instead, start thinking about what you want. So go ahead and buy that red lipstick you've been dreaming about all day.

For the love of makeup, here are some transformations I've made in the past. Enjoy!

No Makeup Makeup Look

Girl-To-Boy Transformation

Less-Scary Clown Makeup

Glam Makeup

 Green Eyeshadow Makeup

Glow Makeup

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